Power from Any Light, Anywhere

Light harvesting solutions by ElectricFilm convert any light — from low indoor levels to daylight — into consistent, sustainable power. Our solutions are sustainable, durable and reliable, providing years of maintenance-free power, making it ideal for commercial, industrial and residential applications. When your devices require a consistent, reliable and cost-effective alternative to hardwiring or disposable batteries, we’re your partner to develop the solution that generates the power you need, wherever you need it — from any light, anywhere.

For Sensors

Lightweight, flexible, and adaptable to meet a wide range of design requirements, ElectricFilm powers your sensors in virtually any environment.

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For Powered Retail Displays

ElectricFilm provides continuous power for your retail displays, with no batteries to replace, to maintain shelf impact and sell-through.

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For Powered Shades


ElectricFilm powers motorized shades on any size window, on any side of the building, with no hard wiring or disposable batteries.

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